Foreign Agent Party, 23/11

Foreign Agent Party, 23/11

It’s about time you come out of the shadows and get properly registered.

We thought a proper way to celebrate would be a Secret Service sponsored «Иностранный Агент» Party. Expat community attendance is mandatory – no excuses gents!

To make sure you don’t blow your cover, the event will be disguised as a «super-cool» party with tons of free beer/cocktails and sexy girls (yes, local).

Our intelligence unit informed us that a lottery with neat prizes, including «Foreign Agent» branded baseball hats (free gift to first 100 guests) and «Life & Drive» photo exhibition may also be of interest.

The lottery prizes will include:

- One of 3 brand new cars: BMW X5, BMW X6 and BMW GT …for a full day provided by ABTODOM
- BeerTender by Heineken (beer cooling and serving system for your home bar)
- Stylish BMW travel bag
- BMW wallet
- 2 tickets to «Art of Live» three-day show by Rocketmind
- Romantic dinner for 2 by Martinez Bar
- Artwork by JJDavies Gallerie
- And many other amazing prizes

Please arrive between 21:00-22:00, free unlimited cocktail bar from 21:00 till 24:00.

Event: Foreign Agent Party
Date: Friday, 23 November 2012
Please arrive: 21:00-onwards
Venue: Club Reka, Bersenevskaya Nab 6, str. 2, Red October
Guest list: or password: «I am the agent»
Cover: 1000 rub (including lottery, free cocktail bar, etc.)
Dress code: spy-style, business, business casual, casual

Event partners: Ginza Project, club Reka, ABTODOM, Heineken, Khortitsa, Rocketmind, Snupped, JJDavies Gallerie.

Event media partners: GlobalStar.TV,,

This is your final notice. And we know that you will read this.


+7 (903) 363-2898


<b>Франк Шауфф</b><br />Генеральный директор Ассоциации Европейского Бизнеса в России

Франк Шауфф
Генеральный директор Ассоциации Европейского Бизнеса в России

«От форума GLOBE мы ожидаем открытого обмена мнениями, интересных спикеров как из России, так и из-за границы, возможности установления постоянных контактов»


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