Обращение Фернандо Валенcуэла

Dear Participants of GLOBE 2011,
Dear Friends,

It is a great pleasure for me to take part in the Globe 11 International Forum. This year the event is devoted to the Modernisation of Russia in the 21 century; the objective that we are vitally interested in. We share with you the ambition to participate in this project. We understand well that you, the young leaders, are essential for this process to be successful.

I personally feel privileged that I can be a witness to these important transformations.

I am also confident that the Partnership for Modernisation is the project that you would find very much your own.

We would like the Partnership for Modernisation to help us promote a good enabling environment in Russia, the environment where everyone, be it a person with political ambitions, businessman or artist, would find their proper means of expression and development.

We already stated an important project on court appeal system. But the sphere of our work will be much broader: we will work on concrete projects in green economy, energy efficiency, transportation, support for trade and SMEs, technical regulations alignment and global navigation satellite system. We will promote the rule of law and people to people contacts. Thus, you see that this event is very much in the centre of our attention.

Your input, your ideas and fresh creative approaches is what we need very much.

I wish you that during this time spent in Moscow new ideas, projects, and long-lasting friendships be born.

Fernando M. Valenzuela

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<b>Воробьев А.Ю.</b><br />Руководитель Центрального исполнительного комитета партии «Единая Россия»

Воробьев А.Ю.
Руководитель Центрального исполнительного комитета партии «Единая Россия»

«В форуме GLOBE принимают участие молодые профессионалы, студенты и аспиранты, которые в ближайшее десятилетие составят костяк экспертного сообщества и дипломатической службы»


 Март 2019